Golf Goodies! (CD)

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1.Golf Is The Game For Me - Jive
2.Straight Down The Middle - Q.Step
3.Putt For Dough - Cha Cha
4.Golf Song For The Broken Hearted - Mambo
5.I Wanna Be Like Nicklaus - Samba
6.Double Bogey Blues - Blues/Slow
7.A Hole In One - Tango
8.Ode To The Tiger - Slow Cha Cha
9.Between The Holes - V.Waltz
10.Fabulous Courses - Jive
11.Golf Widow - Rumba
12.Lafeber Is The Fella - S.Fox
13.Birdie Man - Cha Cha
14.Hit 'Em Straight - Disco Fox/Samba
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