I Could Have Danced All Night (CD)

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1.I Could Have Danced All Night - Cha Cha
2.Sweet & Gentle - Cha Cha
3.He's Making Eyes At Me - Cha Cha
4.Last Night On The Back Porch - Cha Cha
5.Soul-Limbo - Samba
6.Matilda - Samba
7.Fantastico -Samba
8.Cuban Love Song - Rumba
9.Melodie D'amour - Rumba
10.Dancing In The Sun - Rumba
11.Hawaii Five-O - Jive
12.Rock-A-Bye Your Baby - Jive
13.Yes Sir That’s My Baby - Jive
14.For You,Rio Rita - Paso Doble
15.Don Valero - Paso Doble
16.Somethings Gotta Give -Q.Step
17.For Once In My Life - Q.Step
18.I Ain't Got Nobody - Q.Step
19.I've Found A New Baby - Q.Step
20.Lovely To Look At - Foxtrot
21.Nobody Knows - Foxtrot
22.Body & Soul - Foxtrot
23.Diane - Waltz
24.The Flower Waltz From Carmen - Waltz
25.If You Are But A Dream - Waltz
26.Goodnight Vienna - Tango
27.Leonora - Tango
28.Time To Tango - Tango
29.My Resistance Is Low - V.Waltz
30.I Was Never Kissed Before - V.Waltz

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