Music To Dance - Tribute To Shirley Bassey (CD)

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1.Kiss Me Honey Honey Kiss Me - Cha Cha
2.I Am What I Am - Cha Cha
3.Never Never Never - Rumba
4.And I Love You So - Rumba
5.If You Don't Understand - Samba
6.Eleanor Rigby - Jive
7.Sam - S.Waltz
8.When I Need You - S.Waltz
9.What Now My Love - Tango
10.Hopelessly Devoted To You - V.Waltz
11.Big Spender - S.Fox
12.I Get A Kick Out Of You - Q.Step
13.Where Do I Begin (Unplugged)
14.The Making Of
Teaching Tracks (Rhythm Only)
16.Cha Cha

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