Rimini Open Ballroom 9 (Balls Of Fire 6) (CD)

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1.What A Wonderful World - S.Waltz;28
2.Midnight Rendezvous - S.Waltz;28
3.The Water Is Wide - S.Waltz;28
4.Boy On A Dolphin S.Waltz;28
5.Happy Heart - S.Waltz;28
6.Anarita - Tango;32
7.Buonasera Signorina - Tango;32
8.S.Lorenzo - Tango;32
9.Arrivedeci A Vienna - V.Waltz;58
10.Everytime We Say Goodbye - S.Fox;28
11.Boy & Soul - S.Fox;28
12.Un Bacio A Mezzanotte - S.Fox;28
13.Time After Time - S.Fox;28
14.A Fine Romance - Q.Step;50
15.I Get A Kick Out Of You - Q.Step;50
16.Boy On A Dolphin S.Waltz;28
17.What A Wonderful World - S.Waltz;28
18.The Water Is Wide - S.Waltz;28
19.Buonasera Signorina - Tango;32
20.Un Bacio A Mezzanotte - S.Fox;28
21.Time After Time - S.Fox;28
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