Can't Sit Down (CD)

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1.Oh Happy Day - Jive
2.Whistling In The Wind - Waltz
3.If You Give Me Love - Cha Cha
4.You Were There - Rumba
5.Can't Sit Down - Q.Step
6.Don't Give Up - Samba
7.One Step At A Time - Foxtrot
8.I'm Moving On - Jive
9.Song For Grace - Waltz
10.When I'm Away - Cha Cha
11.In Flight - Rumba
12.Play The Game - Q.Step
13.Bombay Latino - Samba
14.Shadow Dance - Foxtrot
15.Coconuts And Banana's - Cha Cha
16.Love Gonna Last - Foxtrot
17.I Can't Believe It - Tango
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